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Our School

Hooghly Collegiate School , as we know it today, traces back its foundation to 1812 AD. The oldest available historical reference to the school is found in the "History of Hooghly District: 1st Volume". In this, as a quotation from "Fisher's Memoirs", it was noted that in 1817, there was already the existence of a small school attached to the Imambarah. As Collegiate School was always linked with various institutions of Hazi Mohammed Mohsin and he, in turn, was the main power behind Hooghly Imambarah, this school is recognized to be the predecessor of today's Collegiate School.

Our History

This is the history of the school, in short. Very soon, it is going to reach two-hundred years of it's foundation. Though the exact time of its creation is not clearly documented and more & more getting under the dust cover of time, the long period of it's existence cannot be denied. However, a school is not only known by the years of its existence, but by its students and teachers. During the last two centuries, it has produced many outstanding students. Many of them secured top ranks in various state & national level examinations, including the board examinations. We hope that in time, the school will keep its prominent place in the time to come.