Web Development

In this context, we would also like to let everyone know that this web site neither monetarily empowered by the school or alumni funds nor sponsored by the government. This web site developed and maintained by the former student of this school. As of now the Hooghly Collegiate School website is a sole ownership and personally maintained. But, we would be happy to have new ideas and innovative contributors who will be committed to retaining the memory of our school as an unforgettable experience!

Hooghly Collegiate School web site is running more than ten years now and we take pride in our improvement. We have thousands of subscribed students. Our "Facebook" page comprises near two thousand of likes and followers. On an addition, we also have our Google plus profile, twitter and LinkedIn page and we are trying to get attached to all other popular social platforms. Share your thoughts and ideas with us to make this website more prevalent.

This is the history of the school, in short. Very soon, it is going to reach two-hundred years of it’s foundation. Though the exact time of its creation is not clearly documented and more & more getting under the dust cover of time, the long period of it’s existence cannot be denied. However, a school is not only known by the years of its existence, but by its students and teachers. During the last two centuries, it has produced many outstanding students. Many of them secured top ranks in various state & national level examinations, including the board examinations. We hope that in time, the school will keep its prominent place in the time to come.

In 2006, one of the alumni from the Hooghly Collegiate School, Anuran Chakraborty first shared his thought and initiated the process to build the website with his batch mate Arunava Ghosh Initially, the web design was done by another former student of this school Arup Mallik

We have collected the history and other content for our school from various sources, including our school's magazine, which was published to celebrate our school's 175th anniversary. We are blessed to get an article written by Let. Asit Kumar Mukherjee [former Teacher of our school] for this website.

Information converted to web content with the help of two alumni Mr. Soumyo Chakraborty and Mr. Prosenjit Chakraborthy . It is really challenging to mention everyone's name individually in this platform, but we are sincerely thankful to everyone contributed their thoughts and help us to build successful school memories.

Come to our page, share your thoughts and give your comments to show more progress!.