Admission 2015 - XI

Admission Form will be given on 25th,26th,27th May 2015

  • Meritlist 4th June
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It's always a great pleasure to see a bunch of ex-students of a renowned school come together and share their valued & constructive views regarding the improvement of their beloved school. As far as the Hooghly Collegiate School is concerned, don't you think the old glory is just past? Look at the Madhyamik & Uchchamadhyamik results during the recent times. A great number of H.S. students have been failed!!! Is it not a shame for this very prestigious school? Look at the school premises , classrooms. toilet. Dirts are all over there. Everywhere you look you would find untidiness.

Where is the classroom teaching? Not a single day the students of this school could find the reality of the class routine as all the classes that have been scheduled for any odd day are not taken by the respective teachers, they just bunk one or two classes everyday. Though they are present on that day. The students who make a niche in any board exam, they make it by their own. The school as well as the teachers have no right to claim any credit to this. Can you name any teacher of recent time who may be a role model of the students? Can you find any administration prevails in our beloved school? If a father/mother wants to get their son admitted to this school he/she has to be very proficient in all the subjects like bengali, english, maths, physics, chemistry, life science, history, geography, computer ooooffffff!!!!. Then where is the role of the school? Now the ex-students have to come forward, tell the teachers to fulfil their duties & not to destroy the future of the students starting from their very tender age.

Sudip Mukherjee viz email

At the outset I would like to introduce myself as one of the leading magicians performing magic shows all over West Bengal and its surroundings. I perform in all kind of events, may it be a school fete, birthday party, or anniversary or be it a corporate event or big stage event. My show "Mind-Magic-Mystery" is very much enjoyable for all ages. More details available at my website : www.magicianrg.co.in or at www.facebook.com/magicianRG.

If you plan for any entertainment program in your institution / school, it will be more enjoyable with some magic in it, and that is for sure the audience will be

left with the only expression "Wow! how did you do that!".

Please feel free to contact for timing and show details

R G Saha - r.g.saha@gmail.com viz email

Please send us a photocopy of Class 10th Certificate of the following students:

  • Sayan Das
  • Ayan Talukder
  • Ranit Dutta
  • Tanmoy Kumar
  • Arpan Mukherjee
  • Joyshankar Mandal
  • Rudit Sengupta
  • Soumya Sarkar
  • Paramjit Sarkhel
  • Diptarshi Dutta
  • Indraneel Ghosh

(All documents including photocopy of Class 10th Certificate)

JBNSTS viz email

You are perhaps aware that the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India has selected us as one of the nodal agencies to conduct 5�day science camps under DST-INSPIRE program. These camps are for the high school science students who have passed their Class X Board Examination and studying Science in class XI in West Bengal. We have successfully conducted such camps in Kolkata and different districts in West Bengal since 2010 and we have received a very positive feedback from students and camp experts.

We are now planning to organize one such science camp at the JB Center of Excellence, 1300, Rajdanga Main Road, Kasba, Kolkata 700 107 during September 2 - 6, 2014 for eligible students of class XI (Science) of Hooghly, 24 pgs (N), 24 pgs (S ) and Kolkata districts. The main objective of this program is to give the students a chance to interact with scientists and experts in various fields of science and thus have a glimpse of the exciting world of science. You may kindly note the following :

Contact: jbnsts@vsnl.com

JBNSTSviz email

I am a student of class 10 giving ICSE BOARD EXAMINATION this year. It will be extremely helpful if you please inform me the subject offered for class 11-12 and the percentage required for admission in this prestigious school.

Aniket Chatterjee viz email

Keep writing to us

hooghlycollegiate@gmail.comviz email
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